How To Avoid Plagiarism

We’re going to talk about avoiding plagiarism and writing with integrity we give you the hook avoiding plagiarism because we know that’s going to bring you in yes I want to avoid plagiarism but that’s not really the way I approach any kind of work that I do with students I’m on plagiarism I call it writing with integrity because I feel that if you write with integrity and that’s not an intent it’s really some takeaways I have for you but if you write with integrity you never even have to worry about plagiarism because we talk about plagiarism if it as if it’s a binary state either you plagiarized or you didn’t that’s really not authorship. More articles on essay plagiarism at

As we grow as scholars as we grow as learners we pass through stages of authorship it’s also about who owns what writing and there’s very different perspectives on that so it’s a super complicated question but I’m here to talk to you guys about how to do it how to write with integrity so you don’t even have to worry about the plagiarism part the way Texas A&M; defines plagiarism is the appropriation of another person’s ideas processes results or words without giving appropriate credit ok that’s pretty straightforward it seems straightforward is it really straightforward where you’re talking about multiple submissions I’m confused what’s common knowledge that’s confusing with all the articles you you know it’s becomes part of my verbage turning calm all these things complicate what it is that plagiarism is what we’re really all about is preparing you to be scholars as graduate students you’re in a transition you’re moving from grad student to schola.

So everything I’m focusing on today is to help you become part of that scholar group appear so the whole point here is you’re going to be moving from grad student to scholar and academic writing this is a great quote academic writing in particular calls on writers not simply to express their own idea but to do so as a response to what others have said ok so if you want if you think about it when you are right think about it like a conversation as graduate students you probably don’t go to parties anymore because you’re grad students you’re in the field all the time but do you remember when maybe used to have a life do you guys remember when you used to have a life in a sense of humor and everything and used to go maybe go to a party when you go to a party and you walk into the room okay and an party is already going on and you’re in you guys are in the living room you’re in the kitchen and you’re in the backyard and people are talking talking talking when you walk in on a conversation what do you usually do first introduce yourself right and and listen yes you introduce yourself and you listen have you ever been to a party when somebody just walks in and just starts blurting out stuff that has nothing to do with the conversation at hand yeah yeah awkward awkward right right.