Useful Advice To Write Your Own Story

The downside to these methods however, is that if you feel a sudden burst of creative expression and want to get writing your story straight away, reeling out page after page, then using any writing method isn’t going to help, and could perhaps hinder your progress. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do both however!

Getting Your Story Read

So, you have finally written your story, your draft was edited by essay writing service a thousand times and are now ready to get this prize winning masterpiece read and published, but how do you do it?

To begin with, have several friends and relatives read your story and give you their feedback. You need to ask them to be as brutal as possible – being nice and sugar coating their reviews isn’t going to help you, and also don’t get dismayed should they not like it. Learn from what they have said, and find ways of using their criticism to improve the story and to appeal to a wide audience.

There are also a number of different websites which will let you share your story online with other readers, and these people can be invaluable when helping out with improving your story. Just be sure not to share more than the first few pages though!

The next step is to make contact with many publishing houses and request that they read a copy of your story. You don’t need to send the entire story to them, and most will request a specific number of pages for them to review it. If you have followed the tips and advice mentioned earlier on, this short representation of your story should be interesting enough for them to contact you to discuss a meeting, and to also read more of the story.

This is the first step to book publishing, but you should also keep in mind that publicists also receive thousands of stories each week to read, and yours at this moment is time is simply a number in the pile. You need to be patient, and most of these companies will inform you should your story not be accepted or be of interest to them.

It is usually a wise decision to discuss the reason for rejection as well, as this can help you understand what they feel is wrong about the story, and how you can improve this and hopefully lead to it becoming eventually published.

Good luck with your story!