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An Interesting Week :-)

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It has been an interesting week in our World. The drama over Obamacare has been playing itself out in the US Media Grid. Some have noted how Obamacare will be the undoing of Obama as they compared this to Katrina. The coverage has been nothing but amusing to watch and observe on the so-called both side of the political spectrum. This is as the US House passed a bill, the President signed an Executive Order and the House actually slammed the President for taking up and agreeing with what the opponents had actually proposed.

Beyond the shores of the United States there is a very interesting development I am assessing and that is the reforms being rolled out in China. To me, it is huge–and I am sure it has been deliberative as the BBC noted in its’ reporting earlier as it reported on the proceedings of the latest leadership meetings. I am also assessing the on-going comedy show otherwise known as the Iran Nuclear Negotations. Although there has been serious discussions going on, the opposition in the United States has not distinguished itself by calling the Secretary of State a “wrecking ball” and talking about imposing more sanctions. Professor Turley’s column recently on his blog was telling in how the United States Congress seems to trust the Prime Minister of Israel than the President of the United States.

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