Four Ways the Internet Has Drastically Improved Our Lives

Four Ways the Internet Has Drastically Improved Our Lives

The internet is a fantastic creation that has become incredibly accessible, affordable and almost essential to our daily lives. Most of these changes have been for the better, and thanks to the great minds around the world and a lot of innovative thinking, we’re continuing to see more and more advances that are improving our lives on a near monthly basis.

But how far has the internet come and what are some of the biggest boons to our life? Let’s explore four of the biggest changes to our lives that have been made possible by the internet.


The internet has revolutionised the way we shop, but also the way we do business. There are obvious advantages, such as online shopping with the help of Amazon and our local grocery stores, but there are also advantages to custom-made items and gifts. For instance, you can order bespoke gifts from arts and crafts professionals around the world, you can request art commissions from people in your local area or on the other side of the earth, and you can even buy and sell services like writing and mentoring. The internet has opened up a global market where any product and service can be a success. 


Sharing information has never been easier thanks to the internet. Wikipedia is one of the leading examples of how the internet has changed the way we learn and educate ourselves. Almost anyone can verify or change information on Wikipedia, making it a constantly evolving encyclopaedia that has around 40 million articles in 293 different languages. With so many contributors and so much information in a single place, the internet has truly redefined what it means to share and learn new information. You can study virtually anything on the internet as well. You can study at a defensive driving traffic school online, you can learn how to draw, you can pick up new cooking skills—there’s just a limitless amount of information and knowledge on the internet, and it’s constantly being increased. 


Social media has integrated itself into our society. Almost everyone grows up with a smartphone in hand and a Twitter or Facebook account. It’s a fantastic way to keep up with friends who have moved away, speak with relatives all over the world, and reconnect with old friends that you used to know in school. Social media has also become an incredibly useful tool for businesses. Companies can use social media to advertise, engage with customers and even respond to customer support queries. Thanks to the internet, we can now connect with people from all over the world without even having to leave our front door. 


Previously, one of the biggest reasons to travel the world was to visit different countries and experience their culture. Whether it’s the language, the food, or just the people themselves, travelling was a fulfilling experience that empowered us with knowledge. Nowadays, we can simply log onto YouTube and watch videos from all over the world or read informative blog posts detailing specifics about cultures we’ve never even heard of before.

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