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It is Really Official: Mr Romney is the Nominee

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has officially clinched the Republican Nomination for The Presidency of the United States. The State of Texas has put him over the top.

I realize that the Republican Convention will “officially” anoint him the candidate during the Republican Convention. However, the Money Race has begun already. Mitt Romney spent Tuesday in Las Vegas courting the Casino Moguls and attending a fund-raiser hosted by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, again, pushed the fiction of Barack Obama not being born in the United States. When George Will had the courage to speak up and call out Donald Trump for what he was, Donald Trump called him an idiot. George Will has been a fixture in Republican Politics for years and I just found out, a Princeton PhD. It was quite interesting to see Chris Cizzila of the Washington Post noting how costly it could possibly be for MItt Romney to be associated with Donald Trump. I have noted my fascination with Donald Trump due to his marketing genius. However, it is all about “The Donald”.

The big day, though, is next week. Wisconsin will vote on whether to recall Scott Walker. I just saw reports that he has raised some 40 Million Dollars–most of it from out of state. The queston is if he is so loved, why did he have to go out of State. Many of the so-called pundits are noting how his “Star” is already rising simply because of the money being raised. The pundits are noting that he will win and that the Democrats will come out as the sore losers. What is so unfortunate in this is how again the US Mainstream Media has effectively said the race is over.

The money race, though, is where the real story is. It is ever more worrisome to the Senior Obama folks–including David Plouffe, the Senior Strategist. Following the Money should be part of the story. Whether it is or not is another question….

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