Looking At The Secret Future Of Sustainable Foods

Sustainable Food Production

Anyone paying attention to the news knows that we’re living in an unsustainable world. We’re hearing more and more about efforts to combat the ways in which we’re using our natural fuels and the water we need to survive. Another resource that is getting a lot more thought towards sustainability is the food that we all eat. There are a lot of predictions on how we might be eating in a decade or two. Business owners have a lot of potential in deciding how we do, since they’re the ones who will undoubtedly be behind the new waves of sustainable food.

New meat farming

One of the ways that is getting a whole new way of looking at the processes involved is farming. Farming generally takes up a lot of land and a lot of resources to produce food. We may be improving the technology and decreasing the human effort needed, but what about the sustainability? A lot of thought is going into how to make feed and the like more sustainable. But what about the kinds of food we farm? Farmed salmon is an example of a radical farming approach that has become mainstream. Primarily as a sustainable alternative to salmon fishing previously. We might be seeing even more types of meat and fish farming coming up soon.

Genetic modification

Another big push in how our farming changes is towards genetic modification. This particular point has been a contentious one in the media due to ideas of ‘playing god’ and making our food ‘less natural’. However, it has been shown that genetically modified crops tend to be much more lacking in defects and produce more food for the same work as a result. There are a lot of speculations towards the idea we might be seeing genetically modified rice providing most of the world’s food in the future.

Insects as food

You may have already heard the idea that we’ll all be eating insects as our primary foodstuffs in the coming years. This could be because of a decrease of available animal proteins due to population growth. Insects already make a significant mark in the cuisine of certain countries. In Beijing, you could easily get a fried centipede at a stall. Looking beyond the taboos we have, insects are certainly edible. Two billion people worldwide already eat these protein and vitamin rich foodstuffs. Perhaps such a future is not beyond the realms of possibility for the rest of us, too.

Sustaining at home

Of course, being sustainable isn’t all about the big changes in food industry and farming coming our way. There are equally as many ways to influence how sustainably we eat at home. Learning to cook means use only the ingredients you need instead of wasting processed left-overs. Eating locally means supporting local, small farmers who tend to farm a lot more sustainably, too. Preserving foods plays a big part, too. You can help sustain the harvest and fight a lot of the annual waste we get. Play your part in sustaining at home and perhaps more will follow to change the trends we’re on.

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