Making Split Screen Videos At Home

Make Split Screen Videos

Split screen videos are a new hip thing in social platforms. It allows you to make a video out of two or more separate videos playing simultaneously in one frame. It gives your video an extraordinary look and attracts more views.

So if you want to make a split screen video by yourself then you can always rely on the split screen software of the Movavi photo editor. Movavi produces a wide range of easy to use multimedia programs that helps you to enhance and edit your videos and share it with the world. The company was started in 2004 by three enthusiasts and now expanded and sell products in over 150 countries. They are partners with Intel and NVIDIA which proves their authority in the market.

Creating split screen videos by using their video editor is a breeze. The software is available for purchase in their official website. It is compatible for windows computer and not assists you to make a split screen video but also edit it to give a professional look.

After downloading the setup and installing the program the Movavi editor will open automatically. You can add files from your system or from a DVD. It also provides you professional footages from VideoBlocks which will make your video even more ornamental.

It has four default tracks – two for videos, another two for sound and one for subtitle. After adding the files drag those files on each other. Then go to the effect panel and click transform. You can add a maximum of 4 videos and can align then either half horizontally, half vertically, thirds vertically and four quarters. You can apply the effects one by one to enhance the video.

If you play the newly created split screen video you will be able to hear all the sounds of the constituent videos. To solve this problem you can mute or adjust the sound of the individual videos by using the volume glide. If you wish to add your own sound track then that is an option too.

Now when you are done with the editing save it in your system by clicking the “save movie” button in any format you want. If you want to view it in your mobile device then Movavi provides you an array of ready to use presets. You can also share it on social networking sites.

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