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March 2014 is Before Us: Brief Thoughts

Russia Watch

It has been another tough week around our World. The Revolution in Ukraine has dominated the news. The Ex-President surfaced in Russia and claimed that he was still President that the Ukrainian Parliament was headed by Fascists. He also claimed poverty. It was laughable to say the least. This is as sabre rattling continues with the Russians flexing their muscle in Crimea and the US warning Russia about consequences.

Insurgencies in and around Africa continues ever more. The killing fields of Syria continue onward. Turkey is in a state of profound upheaval as the Turkish Prime Minister is caught coaching his Son on trying to get rid of millions of dollars. He says they are a fake. Yet, it was such evidence that convicted hundreds of Turkish Officers to cut the Turkish Armed Forces down to size. Yet, what was so striking to note was Jordan. Jordan was found to be 4th water scarce country in the world after Syria which was the 3rd


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