Most Cold Hearted Murderers in Recent Years

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Police try their best to protect our streets, yet we still have see disturbing news in the mainstream media daily. Whether it be war, theft or murder there is no denying some of these crimes are cold hearted and chilling. All murder cases can cause shock and despair to the left over family members left to grieve their loved ones. There is no denying all murder cases are cold hearted, however there are some that are so depressing it is hard to believe they happened. Have a look at some of the most cold hearted murder cases in recent years. 

Richard Dabate

Two days before Christmas in 2015, American man Richard Dabate told police that he had left for work while his wife left for a fitness class. Dabate returned shortly after to discover a masked intruder in his home. Upon struggling with him, he claims his wife returned home and was shot in the head by the intruder. However, police used social media updates and FitBit records to prove that in fact, Dabate’s wife had actually been at home the whole time and not been to the gym and had in fact been present in the house the whole time. With further investigation, police discovere that Richard Dabate was actually responsible for the death of his wife. Upon the realisation, the cold hearted killer was arrested and charged for murder.

Mark Valera and Belinda Van Krevell

Australian man Mark Valera was arrested for the murder of David O’Hearn and a former Australian mayor, Frank Arkell. Both crimes were planned and satanic, leaving police disgusted in the nature of the crime. In his trial, Valera justified his actions by stating both men had sexually assaulted him, his sister and his niece, a claim that has not been proved. Two weeks after being sentenced to life in jail, Valera’s sister, Belinda Van Krevell employed Valera’s best friend – Keith Schreiber – to kill her father while she was awake in the other room with her daughter. It later came out that Belinda believed her father was to blame for her brother’s imprisonment, as he had also involved in the sexual assault previously mentioned, another claim that has never been proven by police.

Robert Durst

If you haven’t seen HBO’s The Jinx, you should stop reading immediately and start watching it now! American real estate heir and millionaire Robert Durst convinced everyone, including his murder lawyer, that he did not kill the three victims, Susan Berman, his wife Kathleen McCormack Durst and Morris Black. After much interest in the high profile case, HBO made a documentary featuring Durst and his denial to the crime, eventually catching him out on his lies. The lies and manipulation portrayed throughout the documentary shows the nature of the cold hearted nature of this man. Court cases are still proceeding, so keep an eye out for more information on this case.

There is almost too much crime in today’s society, regardless of the location. These three killers have luckily been taken off the streets and justice has been served for their victims, however there are a lot of unsolved crimes out there where no justice is served.

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