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Notations on the World: On #Ebola, #India & Other Thoughts

Ebola continues to wreak havoc around West Africa and it has arrived in the United States. Europe is continuing its’ efforts as the United Kingdom is continuing on-going meetings of the COBRA committee along with beginning wider efforts to monitor. President #Obama has had a conference call with key World Leaders urging more action. It is insightful as Britain’s Sky News interviews the former Prime Minister of Senegal about how they were able to eradicate it all. It is interesting how Government is now at the center of it all–as all Small Government Advocates somehow seem to have gone silent as this latest menace continues to spread.

Beyond the Ebola Challenge, there is the fight in Iraq and Syria. Kobane continues to under siege as the Kurdish defenders seem to have been left to fend for themselves. This “voice” Although the latest from US Officials underscore how the bombings have “stalled” Dayesh (also known as the IS/ISIL/Islamic State/Etc.), they seem to continue to make advances and are extremely capable of adapting to the challenges being faced right now. This very chilling video secured by Al Jazeera underscores the extend of the the reach of Dayesh right now.

Beyond the immediate challenges in focus, there are the elections in India. Two major elections in Maharashtra (the economic heart of India) and Haryana have again reinforced the so-called Modi Wave. It is clear that the voters have voted with their vote that change is needed and the NDTV “polls of polls” reflects a clear BJP majority in both states. This is good news for the Indian economy. The forex reserves are at historic highs, and the GDP is one the rise and Indian Economy continues to show resiliency. Whether this can be sustained is another question. But another disturbing element is the apparent potential inroads by Dayesh in Kashmir. The Top Indian Army Commander in Kashmir noted this–which was in direct contradiction to what the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, had just said 24 hours earlier.

On the Economic Front, Ebola and Dayesh has given markets concern. What has also been quite amazing is to watch the continued drop in the price of oil. This is as the US continues to expand its’ Oil output. It was of interest how certain analysts commented that the decrease would in turn undermine the moves towards adopting a more Environmentally-Friendly stance as noted in a recent editorial in the Wall Street Journal. This is as the Globe yet again broke records for temperature.

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