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On The World This Week: A Challenging World Yet Again….

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The World has been ever so fascinating this past week. Although I am gratified by the offer by the President of Ukraine for opposition leaders to join the Government, I continue to be concerned about the continued power and influence of the oligrachs in the Country. Furthermore, it is clear that the protesters will not settle for anything less than the resignation of the President. It is People Power at work.

I have been also assessing the deliberations of the World Economic Forum and welcome an acknowledgement by the Rich and Powerful that the ordinary man and woman has to be looked after. Although they seem to be as disconnected as ever. This was underscored by the question posed to the UK Prime Minister by the leader of the UK’s Trade Union Congress. The presence of President Rouhani of Iran also was a sign that things are truly chan ging. I am, however, concerned about Thailand as the State of Emergency as it deals with protests that has shut down Bangkok. This is as South Sudan’s fragile cease fire has broken down, the carnage is the Central African Republic seems to have no end in sight and the French are about to again launch a new offensive in Mali

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