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OV California Watch (7/20/2010): Here and Now


California continues to drift along without a budget. The State is paralyzed, yet somehow State Leaders seem stuck in their positions. On the one hand, there is a move to pare pensions for new hires. Yet, the word out of the City of Bell in Southern California was one that really caught my eyes.

The City of Bell is south of downtown Los Angeles. It is a City that is predominantly Latino. It is not amongst the richest of cities. I have been to that City and I was shocked when I saw the LA Times Investigation that noted how The City Manager was paid $ 800,000 per year. There was an analysis done of other top leaders in Southern California and this guy made four times as much. To top that, Council Members were paid $ 100,000 a year for a part time gig. This is as the State has had to contend with a real unemployment rate of 16%. The good news is that he was due to be either fired or asked to resign at a Council Meeting last night. Bell, though, has just assumed all municipal responsiblities for the City of Maywood. Three weeks ago, the City of Maywood fired all the City Staff after the City lost its’ liablity insurance

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