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OV Earth Watch (5/10/2010)

Gulf Of Mexico

I have been witness to the gradual destruction in the Gulf of Mexico. What I have also been witness to is the right wing noise machine beating the drumbeats of calling what happened in the Gulf as “Obama’s Katrina”. Thankfully, there are still some sensible people left who question this fallacy. Joe Scarbarough of MSNBC even went as far as calling those guys “idiots”. He is as bonafide a conservative as they come. Yet, it appears that there is no room for such people too in today’s Republican Party.

The misstatements continue on with no end in sight. Hannity talked about how certain staffers within the Interior Department were “out to lunch”. He failed to note that the No 2 at Interior was on the scene almost immediately and that the Company supposedly assured the Government that everything is under control. But, In the meantime, an estimated 5,000 barrel of oils continues to gush out.

As I write this, the so-called solution that BP thought off did not work. I have also reviewed reports about how there were multiple failures. The front page of the Sunday Los Angeles Times noted that no one thought of this “doomsday scenario”. BP has said that it would honor all legitimate claims. When I heard that, my reaction was, “…yaaah right….”.

The scenes out of the Gulf are just tragic. I know there are many who are saying that we have to continue to “drill, baby drill”. I have to question why is there not a total committment to transform the way we do business and truly think about a Global Green Pact. The Global Change Spectics note that we have seen “colder” weather, although January happened to be the fourth warmest on record. There needs to be a realization that 10% percent of the world’s population will be impacted by a 1 Meter Sea Rise in Sea Levels while 30 percent live in Drylands with endemic droughts. Yet, we continue to pump ever more crap into the air everyday.

There are those who say that those who speak up for “going green” are apologists for the “Green Mafia” and socialists. How, then, can such so-called sceptics explain away Ken Noguchi’s comemnts about how he has collected nine tonnes of Rubbish during numerous expeditions on Mt. Everest. How can they explain away how a million pieces of plastic are floating around in the Pacific per 99 miles. How can they explain away the predicament of a Whale washed up in Seatltle that had Water bottle and trousers in its’ stomach? Why is there not a committment to go after promising technologies like Coffee BioDiesel and other BioFuels in a serious and concerted way?

The continued squeezing of “mother earth” is frankly irresponsible. That’s why I continue to welcome the move by many businesses by “going green”, because they believe that Green is good. There is an interesting statistic from the World Resource INstitute that notes that for every 1 Billion spent on Green Technology does generate 30,000 Jobs.

What I found ironic was how this is so similar to the Exxon Valdez. Even today, there is still oil today even though six months after the fiasco, Exxon noted that they had cleaned it up.

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