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OV Week-End (7/11/2010): OV’s Third Year, FIFA, Af-Pak & Other Thoughts

FiFa World Cup 2010

As the Third Year of “Outsiders” unfolds, I continue to remain hopeful. I continue to believe that we have to embrace change in its’ every instance. I believe in true consesus building ideas so that we can all emerge stronger and more vibrant. There needs to be a sense of history and realization of what is at hand.

Just like many others, I was following the World Cup with great interest. As I write this, Spain has won the FIFA World Cup 2010. They were the underdogs and have confounded all skeptics–including myself who routed for the Dutch that the Spaniards defeated. I also congratulate South Africa for what it was able to achieve despite all that was stacked against it. I was glad to see Nelson Mandela sharing in the greatest moment during the final match. The question is how South Africa will be able to continue to transform itself as a result of this experience. The rift between the rich and the poor, Crime and a sense of hopelessness will continue to be the challenges faced by the South African Government


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