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OV Week-End Notes (II): Healthcare Reform /The Turkish Way


urkey has been on the march over the last few years. It has worked to help mediate in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, has worked to mend fences with Armenia and has also been flexing its muscles in other ways. Turkey is a fasincating country to watch because it has been able to live up to the Ataturk tradition of secularism while embracing the best of what Islam has to offer. The governing Justice and Development Party has been making its mark in a major way.

I have just been reading about Turkey’s work on Healthcare reform. Back in 2005, the IMF sought out changes necessary to deal with Social Security System and broaden access to quality healthcare. One of the things the Government has apparently done is to rein in the cost of drugs. Although the policy in question is going to apparently be revised, at least there is a realization that the costs will have to be brought under control to help mitigate the effect on the average population

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