Rise In Crime Points To Frightening Future

Rise In Crime

Lately, reports have flooded in about increases in crime across the board. In particular, we have seen an increase in violent crimes such as rape and manslaughter. But petty crimes also seem to be on the rise. From acts of piracy to petty theft and beyond, it seems clear that something has gone wrong. Over the past ten years, the level of crime has risen by more than thirty percent. That said, we’re not living in a time where the mob rules with an iron fist, and organized crime is an elite club. Rather we are living at a time where people have become more and more desperate. Others have lost their faith in the police, and more belief that some laws should be broken. Society is falling apart. Slowly but surely and perhaps the situation is worse than we ever realized. Let’s look at some of the reasons crime might have been on a steady increase for the past ten years.


Are you looking for a possible reason for increases in violent crimes across the board? Then look no further than desensitization. Desensitization means that people see acts of violence every day. Not just in the movies but in the news and on television shows. Kids are constantly being faced with acts of violence in the media. It has reached the point that many people are probably completely desensitized to violence. While the film industry isn’t entirely to blame for this, you can look at Hollywood as an example. Currently, the most popular film of the year is “Deadpool.” Though a brilliant movie the film delighted in pushing violence with a healthy dose of humor. Although the film was R-rated, moms campaigned for a PG version to be released for children. This may be because the parents simply did not understand the material. But it also pointed to a worrying fact. Children were going to see this movie.

Still, you can’t blame desensitization for increases in crime completely. This is due to one important reason. So far very little research has been able to show a correlation between acts of violence and viewing it. Psychologists have been trying to show a link between pornography viewers and sex crimes. But at this point, they have not been able to establish this link. The difficulty is that even if you do establish a correlation, it’s hard to show the direction. There are too many mitigating factors working beneath the surface. So what are the other factors of the increases in crime we are currently seeing?

The Economy

In late 2007 and 2008, we saw the impact of the housing market crash. The effects of this spread across the globe hitting Britain and the rest of Europe. At that point people were desperate, and we later saw marches on Wall Street as well as the British Riots. This showed how desperate people had become and how little faith they now had in the justice system as it currently stood. While the situation has improved since then, people are still desperate. Millions are unemployed and social security is still expected to run out in the next few years. This means that people won’t always have a pension to fall back on when they finish working. When social security runs out, it’s then that we will see huge surges of criminal activity across the country. People will have no choice but to steal to survive.

Meanwhile, there is the continued issue of an increased population. This isn’t a new problem. The world has been overpopulated for some time now. But it is only recently that the increases have been growing out of control in developed countries. As the world becomes more populated, the number of resources decline. With the London riots, we saw the start of the desperation this will cause. But many analysts believes we are a hair away from another stock market crash. If this occurs, the rates of crime will increase to a point more than the police can handle.

The State Of Prisons

There are severe problems with the justice system as it stands right now. We can start by looking at a shocking statistic. One-third of people currently on death row are suggested to be innocent. Just let that sink in. One-third of people that have been sentenced to death by the court system are innocent of the crime they had been charged with. At the very least this is an argument against the death penalty.

But there’s another problem in the prison system. Prisons are overpopulated too with many filling up fast. It’s for this reason that certain states have adopted a catch and release program. Meanwhile, evidence shows that smaller criminals come out of prison and commit more serious crimes. The criminal justice system is supposed to perform two jobs. It is supposed to be a punishment, but it’s also intended to be a deterrent.

The effect of deterrence is refuted by two reports. First, in the past criminals have tried to get back in prison because it’s a better life than the one they face out on the street. The media has previously reported some prisoners have better standards of life behind bars.

So while some are doing everything they can to stay out of prison using resources like bail bonds others are desperate to go back. If you like, you can learn more about bail bonds here.

Prisons have reached a point where they are providing a better quality of life for criminals. But it’s not the only reason that more crimes are being committed.

Black Lives Matter

After a series of controversial actions against African Americans the public no longer trusts the police. In particular, the African American community has protested actions of the police in New York. When the public starts to lose their faith in the justice system, more crimes will be committed. This is simply because society as a whole will have less respect for the law. The police system only works if there is a certain level of respect in society. Without that, the police force is massively outnumbered and in many cases outgunned. Therefore, it’s not just about there being more arrests. There’s going to be far more fatalities unless there are changes in the police force in the future.

Researchers have described the racism existing in the American police force as “epidemic.”  It was believed the situation had improved since the late eighties. But it seems this is simply not the case.

Crime Is Easier Than Ever

The increase in internet usage has brought a lot of benefits to the world. Businesses have become more international and even smaller companies can compete in a bigger market. People can socialize with anyone, anywhere in the world. Fewer people lose touch with friends and family over the years. Everyone has access to an infinite encyclopedia of information. Many processes of everyday life have become streamlined.

But there is one massive disadvantage. It has made it easier for people to commit crimes. While many people panic about the level of privacy they have on the web, criminals have found a way around this problem. They use the deep web to conduct an illicit activity. This could be anything from hiring hitmen, buying and selling narcotics to child pornography. The problem with the deep web is that it’s almost completely untraceable. Particularly, if it’s being run through a proxy server.

But it’s not just hardened criminals that are completing nefarious acts online. Regular people are slipping over the line into crime. The reason for this could be the level of anonymity people feel online. Many people will post things they would never say outloud social media accounts. Simply because they have a certain distance from the consequences of their actions. Police have been keen to limit the distance between actions and consequences online with new hate crime laws. But that hasn’t stopped the rates of piracy surging.

Piracy should certainly be seen as a petty crime. Or should it? In the past piracy was linked to terrorism. Many pirates were using the funds they made from pirated DVDs to help fund terrorist acts. It was thought that with the rise of torrenting this was no longer the case. But now evidence shows some of the top torrent websites have helped fund terrorism. Often using viruses encoded into the websites makeup. Perhaps the main reason for the increase in piracy is that people aren’t aware of these consequences. If this research was known, we might see a decrease in numbers of people willing to download a film illegally.

It seems clear that there are widespread issues across the board, causing increases in crime. The problem must be tackled on three fronts. A reform of the justice system, a repair of the economy and an increase in awareness. But even then it may not be enough to stop the increases in all types of criminal activity. However, whatever the case these statistics show we do need to start taking action right now. Soon, it could be too late.

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