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Thailand’s Unreasonable Opposition


Thailand has been in the midst of civil strife for quite some time. The opposition has shut down two major airports. I have been trying to understand what they want. They want to have a “appointed” parliament. Although I think that the former Prime Minister more than likely abused his office, I view the demands of the opposition as not an answer. In a Democracy, everyone must have a voice. The Thais have to somehow figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Taking the voice of the people away is not the answer. The people have to be sovereign. Democracy can be messy at times. But it seems that it is the only option that still makes sense. This crazy notion that the Thai opposition seems to push is simply crazy. As I assess the situation, I wonder what the Army will do. The Army Chief has said that if he felt a coup will solve this problem, he will do it. The problem is that the Army did it and nothing seemed to change.

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