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The One Stop Center is a wonderful, yet at the same time terrifying place. One hopes never to have to engage the services of such a center. Yet, many have had to turn to that center in order to try and find an opportunity to land on their feet. As I have written before, the resources are terrific, the staff is fabulous and they try very, very hard to be accomodating and supportive of people going through the calamity as they are.

I was at a workshop earlier in the week trying to see what can be done to get further assistance. The statistics being thrown around by the staff about the number of people being serviced was truly scary. WIA case workers have over 100 clients that they work with trying to get them situated in jobs. There is success. But, it is taking more time. I have had a chance to meet folks who have been pounding the pavement for over a year now to no avail. One such person spends his time volunteering at the local networking club and facilitates the dissemenation of information. How such people continue to persevere in spite of all the odds is very inspiring. But, there is of course all those promises of quick rich schemes. I was laughing at a recent story in the Orange County Register about opportunites on the internet. The claim was that you could get going on making 8,000 a month working two hours a day. Who wouldn’t want that job? There was many such advertising on late night informercials as well that seems to have gone away now. They do still pop on on websites periodically–but that’s about it.

While coming back from the workshop, I came across a homeless man who had just lost his job in Construction. New construction continues to be in a Virtual Depression. I had a few dollars I gave him so that at least he could buy a reasonable meal at a local fast food place. But, this is just one of the many victims as the Country continues to go through this retrenching process. As the US Senate continues to debate the reconcliation bill at this hour in Washington, there has to be an effort to really reach out to all those on Main Street who continue to suffer becasue of this monumental change. The struggle continues on, but the need to eventually overcome will be ever more. When will that time come, though?

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