The Most Popular Legal Career Fields Today

The Most Popular Legal Career Fields Today

There are a lot of different legal careers out there, and the demand for candidates isn’t diminishing at all. However, like any job market, there have been certain shifts in the world which have changed things around. Now, certain specialisations are coming to the forefront, and others are dropping in popularity. Here are a few of the most popular legal career fields today.

Criminal Law

This is one specialisation which is never going to disappear. Why? People will always be charged of crimes, and those people will always want representation. Countless law students are still setting their sights on criminal law, for a number of reasons. First of all, the career options are vast. Obviously, they have the choice of becoming a prosecutor or a criminal defense attorney. It doesn’t stop there though. As they progress in their career, they’re able to specialise in homicide, narcotics, and anything else that’s against the law. Criminal attorneys can also go to work in both government positions and for private firms. If they go self-employed, there’s no roof on what they can earn as well!

Healthcare Law

This hasn’t always been a popular niche. However, since the affordable care act was passed, the medical sector has exploded as a job market. Millions of new jobs have sprung up, a lot of them as legal professionals. A healthcare lawyer might work from a hospital or at a government agency. Other options include representing pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech firms, and medical supply companies. Usually, this niche will cross over with civil rights, benefits law and employment law. A legal professional working in the medical niche will occasionally have to deal with ethical grey areas. This makes it one of the most intriguing, and sometimes distressing specialisations. As we look to the future, healthcare management systems are expected to become more technical and sophisticated. With this, the demand for medical lawyers is only going to go up.


You may have never heard of e-discovery before. This is because the niche didn’t exist a decade ago! Now, electronic discovery is an industry worth billions of dollars. As mass storage and access to digital data becomes a bigger part of day-to-day life, this niche is only expected to expand. Though e-discovery professionals aren’t lawyers, their services are essential to some modern litigation. In court cases, they’re needed to identify, process and review electronically stored information. This can include anything from social media posts to search history. In case you haven’t noticed, modern life is becoming more and more centred around digital resources. As this continues, an increasing amount of court cases are going to require the skills of e-discovery workers. This is expected to become hugely popular among people who are interested in law, but can’t go to law school.

There you have three legal fields which are notably popular in the modern day. Other niches, like immigration law and environmental protection are also on the rise. As we move into the future, it will be intriguing to see how legal professions change.

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