Two Types of Green: Where to Get the Cash for Your Eco Building Project

Where to Get the Cash for Your Eco Building Project

There are several reasons you might be planning a green building project. It could be for your home so that you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle. You might be thinking about a project that could provide services for your community. Or perhaps you want to grow a green business, and you need suitable premises. Whatever your green building is for, you have to pay for it. You could be modifying an existing property or building from scratch. Finding the money may not be easy, but there are several different avenues you can explore.

Look for Grants

Governments around the world are keen to offer incentives for green building. They want to show that they’re making an effort to protect the environment. If you want to create an eco-friendly building, the first thing you should do is look for any grants. You can usually find them for specific things you want to install. For example, you can get money toward a renewable energy system. Building a green business could help you to secure tax breaks. That won’t help right away but can help with your finances later. Don’t just rely on government incentives, though. Look for other organizations willing to help you. See some examples of government incentives at dsireusa.org.

Get a Loan

If you can’t get money for free, try taking out a loan instead. You can find some that are specifically for green building projects. Look for both national and local funding opportunities to identify a loan program that could be right for your project. Of course, if there isn’t anything suitable available or it doesn’t cover your costs, you have other options. A mortgage or a loan from a bank can help you to achieve the results you want.

Create a Fundraising Campaign

If you’re creating a business or community project, you could turn to fundraising. You will be less likely to raise the money you want if it’s just for your home, but you could always try. There are many ways to fundraise for your green building project. Start by choosing a bank that helps to support green efforts. For example, take a look at theearthproject.com to see how to make fundraising easier. You could use online fundraising campaigns to crowdfund from people in many different locations. Host local fundraisers too and get your community involved in the project.

Find Investors

Another option is to find private investors for your project. Again, this will be harder if you’re just looking for funding for your home. However, if you’re working on a business or social enterprise, you can look for people who might want to invest. Look for business people or philanthropists who would be willing to put their money into your project. You can also find websites that will match you up to one or more investor to help you fund your dreams.

If you have plans for a green building project, you don’t need to have the funds for it right away. If you find the right building company, they can even help you get the money you need.

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