Why the Culture of Celebrity is Always Big News

Celebrity Culture

There’s no doubt that the news is a hugely influential part of society. Whether it’s written or visual, people like to know what’s going on in the world. That’s why the news continues to endure through the years, and why we will always have it. It’s a way for people to connect with the world, form opinions and develop more knowledge.

One thing that always seems to be big news is celebrity gossip. We live in a culture of celebrity these days, and people seem to be obsessed with finding out about stars. That’s why there will always be column inches dedicated to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. There might be quite a few reasons why people are interested in celebrity news. Here are some of the most likely.


There is a fascination with the celebrity culture and lifestyle. It could be that people like their careers and their money. It’s exciting to follow these people’s lives and career paths. A lot of them are revered for their work while others are followed for their looks. This fascination with celebrities and famous stars means that people will always want to find out news about them.


In this day and age, it seems the news is inundated with negative or upsetting events. There seems to be so much bad going on in the world, and this can bring people down. As such, we often look for escapism wherever we can find it. Reading about Kim Kardashian’s new baby gives people a bit of escapism from the depressing events that are unfolding in the Middle East.


A lot of the time it seems that the obsession with celebrity culture is linked to the unattainable. People often covet that lifestyle, but it seems so far away from reality for them. But by reading about it they can still enjoy some sense of living it. And this could be one of the principal reasons behind the fascination with the culture of celebrity.


Many people harbor their own aspirations of fame and fortune, and they will look to celebrities for influence. Having role models is important in helping to set and achieve life goals. And a lot of people will look to their idols as role models. As such, they are always going to want to read about them or watch things about them.

Passes the Time

Another reason is that it passes the time. You see, these days people work very hard, and a lot of them can’t find much to do outside of work. They get bored, and this can sometimes lead to the wrong decisions. Visiting http://heightline.com/ to read about celebrity heights can pass the time. And Googling Lindsay Lohan’s latest rehab stint is enough to keep boredom at bay for a lot of people.

No matter where you live in the world, there will always be news about celebrities. Wherever you come from, there’s bound to be someone famous. And they will no doubt receive substantial column inches, even if it’s only in the area you live. It’s clear that people are fascinated by celebrities, and will do all they can to keep up with the latest gossip.

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