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Will We Realize That We’re One?

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It has been a challenging few days around the World. Australia has a new Prime Minister that may not have it as easy as he thought he would. India has seen communal violence within the past 24 hours as it deals with economic challenges. Syria continues to burn as the World awaits what the United States will do as the US Secretary of State makes the rounds of World Capitals to garner support and as Barack Obama makes the rounds of US Television Channels. He’s due to give a speech to the American People tomorrow night.

One of the leading analysts of Iranian affairs in the World has reported on overtures that Iran has made to the United States as the World awaits what the United States does. A commentary will be forthcoming on it soon.

I begin a new “week” in “Outsiders” with this very nice video that has one central message: We are one and we must not forget it:

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